2022 – New Year, Same 2!

2022 brace yourself because we are ready!!

🎉 🎊 🥳 HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🥳 🎊 🎉  A warm welcome to the We Tell, You Tell family, we are happy to have you all – old and new, on this journey with us! .

As the days roll by quickly, it keeps hitting us that we’re now in 2022 and it’s been two years and a bit since the COVID 19 pandemic hit. What we used to know as normal has changed but we are getting to grips with our new reality and finding ways to still live a full life.

These past few years have been a reminder of how precious life is and the fact that 2021 has flown by affirms that time waits for no one. We are taking this time to reflect on how well we stuck to our TELL motto – through Taste we explore, new Experiences we adore, to Laugh more than ever and Live like never before and review whether we met our 2021 goals. To some 2021 has been easier than 2020, for others it has been harder or no better. Yet we move forward, pushing through to continue to make the most out of life.

Did we achieve what we set out to do?!

In 2021 we continued with the our key words from the past few years, however, in addition to  setting simple, attainable targets to encourage us to be DISCIPLINED enough to take consistent ACTION, we introduced quarterly reviews to help hold us accountable to do what we set out to do. The quarterly reviews definitely helped to keep us focused and gave us a chance to re-strategise were necessary. Despite sometimes missing the mark, on a whole we were more successful  in uploading content than the previous year. Clearly there is still room for improvement and we are excited to hit even more of our targets in 2022. Below is a  simple overview of the year:

1 Blog Post / Youtube Video 2x Instagram Stories 6x Instagram Posts


2021 was the year where we were ‘allowed‘ outside 😉 (No more LOCKDOWN in UK). and so we picked up the pace and starting TELLing. We ate at Afrikana and Zavi, we laughed and lived through a sugar n spice forfeit as we experienced the struggle and fight to meet our monthly goals

To summarise, in 2021 we started putting in the groundwork and enjoyed TELLing. So bright eyed and bushy tailed we step into this new year of 2022, ready to build on the foundations we set in 2021. The aim is to do better than yesterday so we go again, let’s get it! 💪🏿

Keeping it short and sweet, check out our 2021 reflections which gives more detail and background to how 2021 was for us.

What about the forfeit?!

As women of our word, we will be doing a forfeit in the coming weeks for not achieving our November 2021 goals. To get involved in the fun, make sure you’re following us on Instagram, where we will putting our forfeit fate in your hands.

2022 content uploading targets

Ready or not, 2022 is here and waits for no one, so let’s get into it guys. Our journey sharing content targets are *drum roll please*:

Yes you may have seen these before (all year round), but we will stick with the same goals until we see consistent progress.

  • 1x  blog post or YouTube video each month
  • 2x Instagram stories each month
  • 6x Instagram posts each month

Like before, we ask that you hold us accountable to be DISCIPLINED in order to show consistency with our ACTIONS!

We will once again check in every quarter to show our progress. Any missed targets will mean a forfeit (task/challenge) that our We Tell Insta family get to choose. If you’re not already following us on Insta, get on it otherwise you’ll miss out on voting (Not that we plan to fail 🤪).


2021 flew by with us crawling and taking baby steps, Let’s hope that in 2022 we take bigger steps and maybe even a jog or two.

If you’re reading this, hi-five✋🏾 You made it into another year,

Maria & Nifesi

We have told, now it’s time  for YOU to tell… Let us know what you will be working on in 2022 in the comment section below.

Until our next post continue to Taste, Experience, Laugh and Live life to the absolute fullest.


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