The M Kitchen

Location: 269 Broadway, Bexleyheath, DA6 8DB
Date & Time: 
Tuesday 30th November @ 7.30pm
Total Cost:
£173.48 (5 people)
The M Kitchen Restaurant

First Impressions

So let’s get into it,  as per usual food was on our mind and we wanted something simple, nothing extravagant,  just a comfortable atmosphere and good quality food. M Kitchen came as a recommendation from one of our friends and seemed to fit the bill of a chilled venue with decent food.

Venue, Atmosphere & Service

First of all, not having to book in advance was a big bonus as this was arranged pretty last minute. However, it’s probably worth making a reservation during busier periods such as weekends or event days.

When we arrived, we were greeted by a friendly member of staff and then escorted to the back of the venue, where we were pleasantly surprised by the hidden seating area. This section has quite a mellow atmosphere with a dark picturesque setting. This is complimented by floral ceiling arrangements, large spacious booths and dimmed lighting. Honestly, it’s a nice space to have your own private party if you’d prefer to be separate from the general dining area. The booth we sat in had a very large table, however, it did mean you had to lean forward or sit on edge to comfortably reach your food.

Our booth was directly under a heater which in some ways was good considering the cold weather, but as it was on full blast there were points where we felt too warm. To summarise, we preferred sitting at the back with the booths than at the front of the restaurant. It was quieter and easy to get comfortable without watchful eyes.

❀ Food order

Sharing Starters:
2x Hot Platter – £21 
Calamari, Halloumi, Sucuk, Garlic Cheesy Mushrooms, Sigarag Boregi, Red Velvet Prawns & Brie with cranberry sauce.

King Prawn Kebab – £22
The finest chargrilled king prawns served with salad and on a strip of tortilla

2x Lamb Chops – £19
4 best end cut tender lamb chops served on the bone served with salad and on a strip of tortilla

The M Kitchen Mix Grill for Two – £37
Chicken shish, lamb kofte, lamb chops & lamb ribs served with rice, bulgur and salad

❀ Drinks

Apple Crumble – £5
Rhubarb and rosehip corial, apple, mint topped with lemonade
Mixed Juice – £4
Apple, orange, pineapple and grenadine
Peppermint Tea – £2.50
Large Voss sparkling water
– £ 3.70

Our Thoughts

Regarding the hot platters, we ordered two thinking there was going to be plenty, unfortunately when it came we were wondering…is that it?…where’s the rest? We expected more, in quantity but also in variety, or maybe it was just all a bit too spread out on the large platters and therefore gave the illusion of less than it should have been. For £42 we thought that we would get a lot more for our buck.

In hindsight, it may have been a better idea to order individual starters and just shared those as then hopefully we would have gotten more in portion size . On the flip side maybe we’re just greedy lol.

Being a cheese fiend Maria’s top pick was the fried brie and cranberry jam, while Nifesi liked the red velvet prawns and appreciated the colourful presentation. Unfortunately, we all found the Sucuk (sausages) to be a tad bit too salty, however,  the calamari and sigara boregi (cheese pastry) were good. Collectively, the platter was ok but we probably wouldn’t order it again.


The Lamb Chops were charred and slightly burnt, however, we had given instruction that we wanted it well done. It was too well done, so on both orders, there were large parts of the chops were more towards burnt and charred than a request of no visible blood ~ we don’t like red meat like that. Flavour wise, it was also quite bland and didn’t really leave a lasting impression.

 The King Prawn Kebabs were big and juicy, a little pre-work to peel them out of their shells, but they were surprisingly very well flavoured. This was good as often the flavour can be lost due to the heavy marination of the shell, but then the prawn flesh lacks flavour. Fortunately this was not the case.  The colourful presentation was also a winner, it really made you excited to want to dig in and although it initially didn’t appear as much on the plate, by the time it was finished it had definitely hit the spot without the heavy bloating. “I would definitely order it again, although the greedy part of me would like to have more prawns  😂.” ~Nifesi

The Mix Grill – our friends had previously tasted this dish and knew what to expect. They requested to swap some of the meat options which the waiter honoured with no hesitation. On a whole, a straight forward mix grill  of  a decent portion size, so you may even have some to take home. 

All meals came with either rice and bulgur or salad and tortilla. All of which were simple but tasty, our favourite was the colourful salad as they were a nice contrast to the fish/lamb and surprisingly filling.


The Apple Crumb cocktail was a lovely surprise,  sweet but refreshing, we recommend you giving it a try if you visit M Kitchen.

The Peppermint tea was your usual teabag tea but it did hit all the cold spots and we appreciated them adding actual mint leaves into the combo to give it an extra kick. In addition, staff were happy to top up our cup with additional hot water at no extra cost.

If you’ve had Mixed juice, then you know  that the taste depends on whatever ingredients are put together, therefore it was what it was – a mixed blend of juices. Nothing special but also no complaints.

Final Thoughts

The atmosphere at M Kitchen was exactly what we needed, a good comfortable space to talk, relax and catch up with friends. The customer service was good and staff were attentive as well as flexible to our requests. Unfortunately, the food was mediocre, when it comes to the mains the prawns were definitely well prepared and hit the spot, however, the lamb chops could do with some extra marination or seasoning. All in all, nothing much to complain about, it ticked the box.

Overall restaurant rating:  heartheartheartred-heart-outlinered-heart-outline

We have told, now it’s time for YOU to tell… Please let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below.

Until our next post continue to Taste, Experience, Laugh and Live life to the absolute fullest.


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