6 Months Down and Another 6 to Go

And just like that the second quarter DONE!

The proof is in the pudding. Check out our progress below.

April  – It’s like we wanted to do a forfeit this month! Not one single target was touched.
  • Released 0 blog post and 0 YouTube video ❌
  • Released 0 Instagram posts ❌
  • Released 2x Instagram story ❌

Mission: Epic Failure

May – Let’s get it! We are on it! Change must happen!
  • Released 1x blog post and 1x YouTube video
  • Released 6x Instagram posts (again 2x posts a week but we still hit the overall post amount. Kind of counts… ish….right?!) ✅
  • Released 5x Instagram stories ✅

Mission accomplished – oooooo finally we are starting something. 

June –  Oooooooo is this an improvement we see.

Mission accomplished – DO YOU SEE IT!! Whoop Whooop.   Next quarter we’ve got this – 3 for 3!

Check out the video to see what we did different to develop some improvements.

As usual, we have been upfront and honest about our actions and inconsistency. We got 2 out of 3 this quarter, but its only the drive to keep pushing and shows that we can definitely reach our goals. So thanks for supporting and keeping us on our toes. We’ve got plenty more to share with you. 😊

Once again, here’s a refresher of what our monthly targets are:  *drum roll please*:

  • 1x blog post or YouTube video each month
  • 6x Instagram posts each month
  • 2x Instagram story a month


It’s now Q3 so we ask that you continue to  hold us accountable to be DISCIPLINED in order to show consistency with our ACTIONS!

We will be back again in September to let you know how it’s all going. Any missed targets will mean a forfeit that our We Tell Insta family get to choose. If you’re not already following us on Insta, get on it otherwise you’ll miss out on voting (Not that we plan to fail 🤪)

We have told, now it’s time  for YOU to tell… Join us in the comment section below and let us know how you’ve been getting on with your goals.

Until our next post continue to Taste, Experience, Laugh and Live life to the absolute fullest.


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