I lead, you follow! – Swing Dancing

Location: Ealing Town Hall, New Broadway,  London W5 2BY
Date & Time: Wednesday 8th November 2017, 7.45 – 8.45pm
Cost: £10 each (drop-in session)
Session: Beginners class (Level 1) – 45 mins
Closest station: Ealing Broadway
Swing Patrol Ealing

INSTRUCTORS – A male and female tutor
MUSIC – A variety of swing music

Maria’s Thoughts

This was somewhat a spur of the moment session, so aside from finding out where the class was located, there was no real research done beforehand.  We were invited by a colleague of mine and thought why not?

I’m no expert when it comes to swing dance,  however, I have an aunt who loves Lindy Hop so I’ve previously tried a little 1-2 step at her events.

As a standard with most dance classes, the session started with a warm up, a chance for us to limber up and break the ice. The class was pretty varied which was nice – a mixture of ages and abilities. The two teachers were very friendly and took their time to break down each step.  Rather than the typical layout of teacher at the front of the class and students behind we formed a circle with the instructors in the middle so you could see what was going on where ever you were in the room.

What took me by surprise was the constant changing of dance partners…. I already had it in my head that Nifesi was my partner, so when the teacher hollered the instruction to switch, it took a moment to register.  It wasn’t too bad though, definitely a push out of the familiar comfort zone but my new partners welcomed me with a smile, sometimes coupled with an awkward exchange of looks 👀.

The class was an enjoyable experience and I am interested in doing swing dancing again. Maybe not as a regular activity but it has inspired me to look into some other dance styles and sign up to more classes!

Nifesi’s Thoughts

I really enjoyed it, it was a different type of dancing technique which I had never considered taking. Before we arrived, I came with no expectations in order to be surprised. It was truly a unique experience but also required a lot of concentration.

Our tutors were substitutes as the usual teachers were on holiday, however personally, I thought they were very good. Each step was broken down to the smallest detail to ensure that you truly grasped how to position all parts of your body.

The only part I was initially apprehensive about (which I didn’t know beforehand) was dancing with other partners, but honestly you don’t really have the opportunity to think about it as by the time you start getting comfortable with one person, Pop! its time to switch again. Although, I wont lie, it was initially disconcerting making eye contact with each partner…I was like ermm mate I DON’T KNOW YOU! Do I look into their eyes or is that too personal? Or do I look over their left ear….ahhhhh that hurts my neck, I am petite for a reason! Forget it! I’m going to focus on their chest🙈, I don’t know the protocol.

As much as I enjoyed swing dancing, I would do it again but it will not be added into my regular fitness regime. Once in a while is good enough for me.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7I6McZ46HE&w=560&h=315]

Overall activity rating:  heartheartheartheartred-heart-outline

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