Pink middle meat – Gin Burger

Location: Calle Pursiana 18, 07011 Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Date & Time: Sunday 11th February 2018 at 2.30pm
Cost: €32
Gin Burger

First Impressions

This restaurant was a gift from God. We found this beaut of a restaurant on our last day, with 5 hours to spare before our fight back to the UK. Every restaurant we stopped at prior to this was super busy, overbooked or not offering a reasonable wait time. At this point we were HANGRY (hungry and getting angry), it was looking like we were going to have to catch our flight with our empty bellies. After searching and walking all over town, trying to find a suitable restaurant to grab some food before the journey home, we eventually stumbled upon this restaurant on a quiet residential street. At this point, we were like whatever, lets just try it and find something on their menu to order; we were both beginning to get headaches! and so we entered the establishment called Gin Burger.

Venue and Atmosphere

The restaurant has a rustic wooden vibe, with lots of natural light and green plants around (some fake, some real). We were sat at the back and able to get some privacy and quiet away from the busy entrance. The atmosphere is really chilled and relaxed, making it an easy location to grab a catch-up meal/drinks with friends. The handsome, friendly and helpful  waiter was a great bonus.

❀ Food order

Texan angus beef, shaved parmesan cheese, caramelised onion and artichoke relish

Texan angus beef, mallorquin cheese, sobrasada and mallorquin’s salami, caramelised onion and caper mayonnaise

Chicken burger with chilli, coriander and soy sauce served with onion sprouts, pickled cucumber, pumpkin and coconut sauce

Our Thoughts  

We were feeling adventurous and as you can see by the food order above, we wanted to try some new things! We were curious and secretly hoping they would have a burger with gin in it, but unfortunately they didn’t. What they did have though was a lot of gin, different varieties decorating the restaurant walls. We decide against trying the gin as the hunger was real so our usual adventurous palettes were more concerned about food then any risky alcohol tasting. We were HUNGRY!!!

As you can see from the photos, once again we forget to say “well done” and our beef burgers arrived with a pinky centre. Fortunately  just like at The Lucky Bun it didn’t detract away from the good quality meal we were served. The waiter advised us against getting any sides of chips as he said three burgers should be more than sufficient for both of us to share and leave us well and truly satisfied. He was right!

All three burgers were unique and loaded with varying flavours. We could say they were all parties in your mouth but different types of parties. The Mallorquina’s Eva Burger  was reminiscent of the party you didn’t mind leaving early! There was nothing particularly negative about it, it just didn’t surprise our tastebuds in comparison to the other two. We felt there was a lot going on in the burger, maybe even too much going on. We couldn’t quite pinpoint what ingredient was throwing this burger off but we were able to identify an odd twang that we just weren’t keen on. It wasn’t terrible just different – maybe it was the cheese, maybe the salami, maybe the whole burger, 🤣🤣 who knows.

Final Thoughts

The burgers were both juicy and messy, just as we like it! The chunky cheese slices (especially for Nifesi who isn’t keen on raw cheese…yes she said it – RAW cheese) helped balance out the ounces of beef. The Plymouth burger was a real treat! The ingredients really complimented each other, way smoother on the palette than the Mallorquina’s Eva. We can confidently say that the Plymouth Burger was our favourite. Yet all three together were good and definitely worth trying. Have you ever ordered multiple burgers and stuffed your face until your food baby starts poking through? Share and tell us where you went…maybe we can add it to our ever growing list.

Overall restaurant rating:  heartheartheartred-heart-outlinered-heart-outline

We have told, now it’s time  for YOU to tell… Please let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below.

Until our next post continue to Taste, Experience, Laugh and Live life to the absolute fullest.


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