Location: 97 Curtain Road, Shoreditch,  London EC2A 3BS
Date & Time: Friday 5th January 2018, 9.30
 till late
Cost: less than £10 each (50% off with Ballie Ballerson offer)
Closest station: Old Street / Liverpool Street
● Rascals ●

As you can probably tell by now, we LOVE food. Food is life!!! ❤️ So after banging around in the adult playpen, we had to recharge with some good food. Coincidentally, we were informed about the 50% discount offer at the restaurant Rascals, next door to Ballie Ballison. Honestly, 50% seemed way too good to be true but we still checked out the menu, which at first glance appeared to have unnecessarily complex food descriptions  (you know, when they use a whole lot of extra adjectives and grammar just to describe a simple portion of chips). The discount also led to us questioning the food quantities and whether we would be truly satisfied afterwards. Nevertheless, we thought let’s pop in and check it out, if we don’t like what we see, we can walk out. At 50% off, it can’t be too bad, at the very least we can get a side of chips to tide us over while we make our journey home!……………………CHAI!!! We were so wrong!

Our Thoughts

Venue & Atmosphere
The venue is smoooooth 😎, thats the best way to describe it. Rascals is chic with a drop of chill, not pretentious or bougie. They have cute artistic baby photos around the restaurant and a clear view into the kitchen if you’re sat in the middle. We dined at night, so could appreciate the scene they set with the lights down low – Marvin Gaye style. There was also soft instrumentals playing in the background which set the ambience for a nice relaxed and cosy meal between friends or partners. Our energetic party of 10 were sat in the centre; easily able to absorb the full effect of Rascals. The decor was simplistic yet welcoming, to the point where we stayed way past kitchen closing time and they had to kick us out (in a sweet way of course).

Owwwweeeeeee – we’re currently doing the food dance as we edit this. This food was bomb, bomb, bomb! We really didn’t expect the dishes to be so well put together,  the flavours the presentation… It was all on point. Imagine….10 people ate at a total of £121, that is ONLY £12.10 each WOW!! 😱  No exaggeration, we all ate and were full to the brim, with some food left over. Even the portion sizes took us by surprise, we thought they were going to be itty bitty due to the 50% offer but nope, they didn’t disappoint.

A Pizza which was originally £10 now £5! Let’s delve into this a little deeper, we’re talking a 7inch, Italian oven style pizza, for only £5.

We ordered a variety of dishes between us, all very tasty but some deserve an extra shoutout. Let’s start with the calamari, the chef was playing no games when it came to the presentation and the taste of this dish. Unfortunately we don’t have the exact menu breakdown so please bear with our interpretation. Soooooo, the squid which had just the right amount of batter, to give the perfect texture was so full of flavour! The pieces of calamari were laid on a bed of green sauce which had a deliciously sweet kick  to it and then topped with (from what we remember) edible black ink.  All these flavours together made this hands down, one of the best calamari dishes we’ve had! We can’t write this post without mentioning the CHUNKY (like real thick) chips, although a very simple side these were a huge hit!

Immaculate presentation was a running theme throughout this meal and the dessert was no exception. Each order came out looking like pieces of art.

Final Thoughts

To sum this all up – we would go there again! and again! and again! We’re not 100% sure if we loved the food that extra bit more because it was a genuine surprise…completely unexpected in terms of quality, quantity, oh and of course price.  As a consensus, we were all very pleased and no one left the table hungry. The menu is full of  variety which caters to meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans.

The customer service was 10 out of 10, the staff were friendly, patient AND attentive. We also noticed a lot of melanin in the kitchen 😉. See you soon Rascals!

Overall activity rating:  heartheartheartheartheart

We have told, now it’s time for YOU to tell… Please let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below.

Until our next post continue to Taste, Experience, Laugh and Live life to the absolute fullest.


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